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Posted on April 16 2019


Belinda & Tom
Sandringham Yaght Club
 It is not very common practice for a groom to attend wedding flower consultations, let alone show so much knowledge and interest in the floral decor. It was a breath of fresh air......we savoured the moment and it made for one of the most enjoyable and memorable wedding consultations in Lillypad's 11 year history.
Both Belinda and Tom had spent lots of time on their own researching and styling their wedding themselves. With a sophisticated, elegant and neutral colour scheme they came to us with ideas on what they wanted to achieve for their floral decor. Together we then creatively selected, coordinated and styled the flowers to suit their wedding. 
Keeping it simple, elegant and sophisticated, Belinda wearing a glamorous gown with a detailed crystal waistline walked with her parents down the white carpet. With her bridesmaids in various uniquely custom designed gowns, Belinda's bridal bouquets featured simple double white lisianthus blooms... with their soft ruffled petals creating a soft and feminine appeal. We created a feature composite white singapore orchid buttonhole for Tom to best represent his ideal flower of choice - the gardenia (with a hot summers day gardenias do not hold well). The groomsmens and fathers adorned a simple white orchid bloom, while the mothers wore a white orchid wrist corsage.
The ceremony featured various heights of cylinder vases filled with white gladioli, phalaenopsis orchids, lisianthus and calla lillies on large white plinths that were all supplied by Lillypad. It made for a very stylish and contemporary setting for their beautiful ceremony. Back at the reception a similar style was created with various heights of cylinders each featuring a single cluster of blooms.


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