Flower Preservation


Flowers from your special event whether it be a debutante, proposal, wedding or funeral can all be preserved using freeze drying systems.


After all the work placed into finding the right blooms and you can't bear to part with your bridal bouquet, you can have your wedding flowers preserved and framed to treasure forever. With the incredible advances in preservation techniques, almost all varieties of flowers can now be successfully preserved using the freeze drying method. Only a handfull including succulents and bouvardia do not work well with this method. 
Lillypad have carefully researched the various businesses Australia wide  for the best flower preservation techniques available for the many delicate blooms that are generally used to create your beautiful wedding bouquets. Just as much as sourcing the best quality flowers for your wedding bouquet, we source only the best flower preservation techniques to help you cherish your bridal bouquet forever.
The final result depends on the condition of your flowers prior to being treated, so it is important to care for them appropriately on your wedding day. There are many flower preservation techniques and a combination of the best methods are selected to preserve your bouquet. Your bouquet goes through a labour-intensive process where it is carefully disassembled, preserved, recoloured (if required) and carefully reconstructed to your chosen style, all by hand.
After preservation, there are then many different options available to display your flowers including shadow boxes, preserved flowers displayed on their own, preserved flowers displayed with keepsakes, and preserved flowers with photographs from the day, and soon to be available...to cherish your favourite blooms into jewellery. Whichever display you decide on, our selected preservation company will provide you with a cherished and beautiful preservation display piece.
The wedding bouquet preservation process takes a minimum of 6 to 18 weeks. From the point your order is placed with our selected flower preservation company. Once they arrive in NSW, they are then photographed, dissembled, re-hydrated, preserved, post  treated and colour enhanced (if required) and then re-assembled into your selected frame and design. 
The cost of bridal flower preservations with displays start from $490 and with an amazing variety and quality of frames, display items and other options available to you, nothing is impossible. The average bride spends anywhere between $650 to $1000 (inclusive of express freight there and express freight directly back to you) for their custom work of art, a stunning creation that will be cherished for years.
If you are interested in a floral memorabilia, arrange with us all the necessary details to have your wedding bouquet preserved, before the wedding day.

For more information on flower preservation of your wedding bouquet please contact us.