Pre Consultation Information


Here at Lillypad we will discuss choosing the right wedding flowers for your big day based on the colour and flower preferences you have in mind. It is not essential to know the exact type and style of wedding flowers you want but having an idea on the colour and flower type is helpful in the planning of your flower arrangements and gives us a wonderful start to assist in your planning and floral design.
There are several factors that will influence the style and shape of your wedding bouquet. The season and duration in which your wedding will be held are the most important, as they will influence the flowers used and whether you choose a tight clustered bouquet or a loose free flowing natural form bouquet. The sensitivity of the flowers and their lasting quality must be taken into consideration if you want your flowers to look perfect all day long.
Many traditional favourites such as roses, singapore orchids, phalaenopsis orchids, oriental and LA lilies are available all year round. Our seasonal flower guide will help you choose flowers that are in season for the time of your wedding. It is the best way to ensure availability and better choice flowers that look appropriate within your wedding season. Flowers out of season can be imported from overseas, which requires plenty of notice in advance. Importing affects the cost of your wedding flowers so it is wise to have a second choice if your preferred flowers are out of season.
Some of Lillypad's best wedding work created have been brides that have simply given us a theme and allowed our wedding florists to have free reign with seasonal flowers at the time.