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Lillypad is committed to the protection of your personal information whilst making purchases at or through our store.


Our Privacy Statement contains the following information regarding the use of any of our sales channels:


·          What information is gathered and tracked

·          What are Cookies and why we give them out

·          How we use your personal information

·          How your privacy is secured

·          How to access, correct or update your personal information

·          What else you should know about privacy




What information is gathered and tracked?


In order for Lillypad to provide its various tailored services, some personal information is asked of users of its various sales channels. This information may include your name, e-mail address, a password, contact phone number, credit card type, credit card number and credit card expiration date.

When you make a purchase we also collect information that allows us to make-up and deliver your order; this includes the name, address and phone number of the intended recipient(s) as well as personalised card messages.

Additionally, you may choose to receive Lillypad marketing correspondence/collateral. Lillypad will only send marketing material to you if we have your explicit PERMISSION.

Lillypads' web site - - records other information as well. This information is used to enhance the structure and performance of our sales channels and to provide users with improved service. Whenever a page is requested from our web server, Lillypad's servers record your IP Address, time, date, and URL information of each page visited. In addition the servers track where you came from to get the page you requested.



What are Cookies and why we give them out.


Cookies are small, unique identifier text files sent to your browser by a web server - they are stored on your computer's hard drive. There are a number of uses for cookies: e-commerce sites use them for shopping carts, some sites use them to identify a repeat visitor and others use them to help with advertising. It's the versatility of cookies that make them so useful in enhancing and customising your online shopping experience. The use of cookies is an industry standard and most major websites use them. Most Internet browsers are pre-set to accept cookies. If you prefer not to receive cookies, you can adjust your Internet browser to disable cookies or to warn when cookies are being used.

Due to the architecture of the Lillypad Web Site, the Lillypad web servers will attempt to set a cookie on your browser when you log into the service. The web server will attempt to set this cookie because of the way our software is written and the platform it is run on.



How we use your personal information.


Lillypad will not sell or release your personal information to any third parties under any circumstances (unless required by law or in cases where unlawful activity, such as fraudulent credit card use, is suspected).

Lillypad will share personal customer information only with Interflora Australia and Interflora florists around Australia, representatives and service providers and contractors for the limited purpose of fulfilling customer orders.

From time to time Lillypad may aggregate usage, demographic and statistical data for analysis purposes.



How to access, correct or update your personal information.


You will always have access to the information and content that you provide to us. You can readily edit or delete your personal information provided during registration to, unless it is mandatory information required for your registration application.




How your privacy is secured.


The security of your personal information is very important to us. We take great pride in providing you with a privacy policy. To further ensure the integrity of data stored on our network we utilize all necessary and available security. We protect you from any internal misuse, by requiring all employees that may come in contact with data gathered by Lillypad to sign a nondisclosure agreement over the data. In addition all employees sign a contract that binds them to the privacy policy seen here.

Credit card information is among the most sensitive and important data that Lillypad collects. Lillypad operates secure servers to minimise the unauthorised use of such information. Credit card information that is transmitted via our secure servers is encrypted.



What else you should know about privacy.


Remember to close your browser when you have finished your user session. Our web site - - will timeout after 30 minutes if no activity has occurred. This is to ensure that others cannot access your personal information. You as an individual are responsible for the security and access to your own computer.


Ultimately, you are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your username, passwords and any account information.