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Welcome to LillyPad FLOWERS & FORMALS

MELBOURNE FLORIST & Interflora florist

Established in 2001, Lillypad is a Melbourne florist passionately dedicated to creating living works of art. Continually sourcing gorgeous flowers, foliage and various organic mediums, we transform them into beautiful floral gifts for everyone to enjoy.  
We create time honoured gifts that will always be appreciated. We source an abundant variety of quality flowers for our Melbourne florist. Flowers say so much more than words, order  custom designed Lillypad flowers or Interflora flowers online and leave a beautiful momento of thoughts that will leave anyone speechless.
Our same day flower delivery guarantee ensures your flowers are delivered to Melbourne & surrounding suburbs and, as a reputable Interflora Australia florist, we can send flowers throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania and everywhere in between Australia and overseas for any occasion. With Interflora international your flowers can be arranged for worldwide delivery with our online florist.
Our simple aim is sourcing brilliant blooms by nature and crafting them into exquisite floral gifts for everyone to enjoy. With each and every order, our florist in Melbourne will deliver quality service, the freshest of flowers and aims for customer satisfaction.

Melbourne wedding florist

We particularly adore wedding flowers, creating stunning bridal bouquets for over 200 Melbourne brides each year. We believe each bride has a unique path in this world, so getting to know you and creating quality wedding flowers with detail, class and perfection teamed with a little bit of you, excites us by drawing on our experience and creative vision. Our Melbourne wedding flowers exude quality, sourced from all over the world.
We will bring your wedding dreams alive through your wedding flowers and inspire you with our wonderful array of quality flowers. Lillypad will take you on a journey to creating your dream wedding flower display. We love working on the details, finding the perfect blooms, complementing textural elements and overall creating wedding flowers that are unique to you so that you'll love and cherish forever. This is made further possible with our flower preservation service... in particular, freeze drying of your wedding bouquet.
Whether it be a moment in history, a style, mood or a favorite color that inspires your wedding theme Lillypad will set your wedding apart through our attention to detail.
Our obsession with flowers, nature and attention to detail make our wedding flowers unique. Our combination of materials and creativity will allow your flowers to be a personal reflection of you. With over 15 years of experience, let Lillypad take the worry out of your day and surpass your expectations.

MrK bridesmaids dresses

Creating that perfect wedding requires the perfect bridal party, here at Lillypad, we offer a huge range of Mr K bridesmaids dresses to choose from. Constantly on trend and fashion forward, these bridesmaids dresses will offer you stylish designs, attractive lines and stunning colours to complete your wedding.
Our MrK bridesmaids dresses incorporate new cutting edge fabrics as well as embracing more of the casual feel that brides are looking for today with elegant silhouettes that let the fabric and the design create the look. These bridesmaids dresses are up to trend with the latest styles with comfort as a big factor in the designs, flattering gowns that will make your bridesmaids feel exceptional.
Our MrK bridesmaids dresses are available in over 20 designs, each with at up to 25 colours to choose from and a ready made size range varying from size 6 to 26, perfectly fitting any wedding party.
With the lowest price to offer, order MrK dresses online with an express post delivery service to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania and Australia wide.
Combined in our wedding packages these bridesmaids dresses are reduced further for Melbourne brides with wedding flowers and/or wedding cake orders.

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